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Quail Tools orders the worlds first drill strings of NOV Grant Prideco's new Delta™ connection.

A new drill pipe connection maximized to improve:


Ease of Use,

Total Cost of Operation!

March 2015

IADC/SPE173034 Paper coauthored by Chevron, Quail Tools, C-FER Technologies, & NOV Grant Prideco presented at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition in London, England, UK

New Deep-Water, High-Pressure Completion Tubular for Gulf of Mexico Maximizes Combined-Load Capability While Incorporating Proven Cost Saving Features

Visit for access to the complete paper.

November, 2014

        Quail Tools proudly introduces it's new logo.

September, 2013

Quail takes delivery of the worlds first 5-7/8" Range 3 TurboFrac-M 575 completion drill pipe.

May, 2013

Quail takes delivery of it's first string of "Wear Knot" range three drill pipe.
An operations facility is opened in Enid, Oklahoma.
A new corporate office building is opened in New Iberia, La.

November , 2012
Quail opens it's first machine shop next to it's New Iberia operations and corporate facility.  The new machine shop will allow Quail Tools to better serve it's customers.

July 3rd, 2012

Quail releases it's new web site with the help of local web developing company Bizzuka.

March 8, 2012

IADC/SPE151140 Paper coauthored by Statoil, NOV Grant Prideco, Quail Tools, and Maersk Drilling presented at The IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, Ca.

Innovative Tubular, Hoisting, and Deepwater Rig Designs Extend Hook Load Envelope to 2,000,000 Pounds.  J. N. Brock, R. Brett Chandler, NOV Grant Prideco; C. Selen, Maersk Drilling USA; J. Dugas, W. White, Quail Tools; M. Vasquez, A. Jonnalagadda, Statoil    

January 1, 2012 
Quail's first order of 2-7/8" 7.90# SS-110 Sour Service PH6 tubing is received.



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